11+ Kent results day support

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Results day is upon us and we just wanted to send you a little note before you open the emails. We have 54 little faces in our minds and wish every one of your children all the best. The emails usually come out from the KCC at around 4pm or you can check your child’s result online after 5pm. Don’t expect anything other than a yes or no from the email. Your child’s score breakdown is the interesting part, and that is held by the school. Some schools give them out straight away but most wait 24 hours.

If the result is not what you hoped for, and you know your child is a borderline case, take a moment to consider whether he or she might be happier at the top of a less academic school. Often children who don’t quite pass end up in grammar streams and top sets of their chosen less-academic schools and flourish there.

If you do feel that your child would do well at a grammar school, and is only a little under the pass mark on a paper, approach your child’s headteacher and ask if he or she would consider supporting you in an appeal. It is good to have the school on side, but it is not always a problem if they refuse. Often they will already have put in an appeal to no avail, but don’t lose any sleep over this. You may be interested to know that children without a pass score have been offered places (after a nervous few weeks or months for their parents) at Weald of Kent, Invicta Grammar, MGGS, Oakwood Park and Tunbridge Wells Grammar School.

Once you turn to your school preferences, don’t try to second-guess what each school’s offer might be this year. Just put down your choices in the order you prefer. You don’t need to play a tactical game. Choose your favourites in order. It may help to specify that you would prefer a single-sex school if you are hoping for a grammar, as the county should take your preference into account.

If you decide to appeal for a place at a particular school, please do ask us for help. We have plenty of experience to share and can help maximise your chances of being taken seriously.

And when March 2017 comes around, if you are not offered your first choice on the day, then ring the school and ask to be put on the waiting list. And hold your nerve. We have had a handful of children move to their favourite school as late as the following September, a week or two into term at their second choice school. Keep closely in touch with the school, stay charming and be prepared to wait it out.

And finally – please text or email us your news as it is just unbearable not knowing.