11+ Writing Task


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WhY will this booklet boost my child’s performance?

Follow the easy steps to create varied and individual stories in preparation for the big day. It takes about half an hour to create one high-scoring story to wow an examiner. Repeat the process a couple of times and your child will have plenty of content up their sleeve. Even if they are unable to draw on a setting or conversation from their prepared stories, the formula is so easy to follow that they will know exactly what to do. And exactly how to do it. Fear of the blank page will be banished.


  • An instant download pdf of the all-in-one booklet

  • Six sets of themed, precisely-chosen vocabulary to use
  • Content based on my experience of invigilating and marking 2,000+ creative writing samples
  • The benefit of my experience as a trained Edexel Key Stage 2 English SATs marker
  • Exercises are also based on my experience of tutoring 500+ pupils through the new Kent Test,  since its introduction in 2014
  • The confidence of knowing however tired your child is at the end of a long exam-day, they will produce a timed writing sample to be proud of
  • A mock paper, modelled on the real thing

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 Where is the value in preparing for the writing task?

The Kent Test comprises of an English & Maths paper followed by a Reasoning paper. Raw scores are taken from each to produce an age-adjusted score for English, Maths and Reasoning. An individual pass has to be achieved for each paper, and together the three scores must reach the aggregate pass score.

If your child dips under on any of these scores their school may appeal the result. At this point their writing task is sent off to a panel of local head teachers to be assessed. A strong writing sample may enable the panel to award a pass and overturn an under-performance.

This pack will quickly secure the skills needed for a high-scoring writing sample on the day.

What’s in the download…

how long is the kent test 11+ writing task?

  • 10 minutes to plan
  • 30 minutes to write

How to use this booklet

Discuss the format with your child. Here are the steps they will follow:

  • Choose a set of vocabulary
  • Complete a simple plan (answering given questions)
  • Use the given sentence-openings and the vocabulary to create 5 sentences to describe the setting. Add weather and season
  • Create their own conversation modelled directly on a given example Theirs will be between their own characters in their own setting
  • Change the mood in 2-3 sentences to build a little tension
  • End the story in a real but surprising manner

If you can type as they talk then in half an hour the first one will be complete. Ideally aim for 3, but just one will have a positive impact on their confidence and performance on the day.

Example stories and an example paper are provided so that your child can discuss how to draw from their prepared stories on the day. If unable to draw from them they should follow the formula to ensure success.

a bit of background…

The Writing Task takes place after the main exam papers on the day of the Kent Test. It is 40 minutes in total and the students are expected to spend 10 minutes planning their work and 30 minutes writing.

A sample of their writing is then placed on file where most will remain unmarked. If your child’s score drops below a pass on the day, this writing sample will be assessed by a panel of head teachers (if their primary school appeals the result). A strong writing sample has the power to overturn the result.

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