Adding video to this site

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Our rather grand aim is to put the whole maths curriculum online for anyone to access for free. Children are¬†comfortable with short, compact lessons delivered on-screen – as they spend their spare time these days watching Minecraft, football, or Zoella vlogs on youtube (if you’re a generous type with screen time…). Or wishing they were doing those things while you make them play with wooden toys and wool craft!

Mathematical understanding often goes awry early on in a child’s education. It is so sad that when confidence is lost early on it can be lost forever. When teenagers have approached me for help with their maths, I’ve found it is the simple stuff they lack. When you don’t know your tables, or understand how the number system is put together – how can you feel good about algebra or calculus later on?

So here it is. The absolute basics of step one number work. It’s not for you to enjoy (apart from perhaps to be amused at my rather lively fringe) – but it will clarify what place value is to a child who is confused by the term. It’s just a minute long and at the most simple level.