Higher-Level Comprehensions

5 IN EACH PACK – £20

“These booklets have totally transformed his comprehension performance. Thank you so much, he’s a different child.”

WhY will these packs boost my child’s performance?

Our comprehensions have been created by an experienced teacher who is also an expert in modern literature. Every text-extract is properly engaging and entertaining. Source material is clearly referenced and many of our students have chosen their next reading book this way (because they were so keen to know what happens next in the stories). For multiple-choice exam papers (Kent Test 11+ and ISEB Pre-test) the style of text extract is matched perfectly and the questions are tremendously challenging – as they are in the real exams. At first glance at least two of the possible answers appear correct, until students learn to recognise subtle sign-posting that has been woven into each one. For those working towards written comprehension tests, these exercises are best discussed aloud with adult support. The greatest challenge of unseen text on the day is that it has to be fully understood. No other set of resources focuses directly on the higher skills of inference and deduction expected of candidates, or offers such a quick and manageable opportunity for young readers to significantly raise their game.



  • An instant download pdf of 5 complete 10-question comprehensions in each (there are 3 booklets available)
  • Access to higher-level comprehensions that will catapult your child’s inference and deduction skills to the next level
  • Targeted revision of key content
  • Each exercise can be printed more than once
  • An experience as near as possible to the challenging content of the Kent Test 11+ and ISEB Common Pre-test
  • Exercises and key themes based on my experience of invigilating and marking 2,000+ Kent Test mock exams and preparing students every year for top public and private schools
  • Exercises based on my experience of tutoring 500+ pupils through the new Kent Test, since its introduction in 2014
  • Content drawn from my experience of marking over 500+ KS2 SATs papers for the Edexel Exam Board
  • The confidence of knowing you are preparing your child for this specific (particularly challenging) element of their exam based on perfectly-matched content

“Everything about you, your website, online management and your service is quite simply brilliant. I am really, REALLY impressed.”

Where is the value in addressing higher-level comprehension skills?

Most children can be taught to carefully pick the most appropriate fact from a straightforward text extract. And this is what standard comprehension packs offer – with the odd example of an inference question thrown in.

Yet all the exams we prepare our students for demand a much higher level of reading ability. It is staggering how challenging the real papers are to the trained eye.

In fact the challenges hidden inside comprehension questions pass most children by. They remain completely unaware afterwards that the answer they chose was a red-herring, or that they missed a key detail that dictated the whole purpose of the piece.

This pack will secure the skills needed for a high-scoring performance on the day.

What’s in each booklet?

How to use these booklets

Comprehensions of this level have to be read calmly for meaning before the questions can be addressed. Reading questions first and then scanning for the answers is a mistake (as they focus on inference skills, not fact-picking).
At first, read the comprehension aloud to your child and then enjoy choosing the correct answers together. Once confidence has been nurtured on a couple, ask your child to read the passage silently and independently (while you do the same) and then continue to discuss the answers together. Only later on will they be ready to complete these successfully alone.  

“This is beyond brilliant thanks. My printer is on exhausted mode.”