COVID-19 and our brilliant digital zoom clubs

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Our clubs have immediately flipped to live zoom meetings. It’s wonderful seeing six smiling faces on screen and matching them up with their own teachers.

At the moment schools are closed and as parents we are all feeling overwhelmed. And social media is awash with a sea of mixed-up resources. How are we supposed to know what to download? How will we coax our children to work whilst we’re supposed to be working from home ourselves. And what about their 11+ (or Common Pre-test) preparations?

GL Exam Board have confirmed on their website that they expect their exams to go ahead and are all set to do this in digital form if necessary. They run both the Kent Test and the ISEB Common Pre-test.

Who can parents turn to for support?

Well, us of course!

All our lessons are running live, on time and as usual. Clubs comprise of 6 children (who can all see each other and respond to each other in the usual way) and they are still matched up with their very own teacher.

We remain responsible for your child’s progression in English, Maths and Reasoning. Our records are packed with individual detail about your child’s academic journey. All work is being marked thoroughly (and by hand with our year 4 writing programme). And it’s all happening digitally, using free zoom software.

Our children are on track and any weaknesses or gaps are being monitored and addressed.

If you’d like your child to join us – just click here.

And here’s a link to show you how and why we have made the change to digital.