Exam-nerves kung fu. Hi-yaaa!

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A few quick and brilliant ways to beat those exam nerves on the day…

  1. Kung fu kick round the house. Yell a load of ‘Hi – yaaa!’s as you do it. Fling your arms around in fake kung fu poses as you leg kick horizontally.
  2. In the exam room give in to your nerves. Hyperventilate. Flap. Feel your heart hammering in your chest. After a short period of time you will get over it. To be honest it gets boring… And then you will be ready to begin.
  3. Presume it is going to be absolutely horrendous. All the worst questions you could never have imagined. That way you have nothing to lose.
  4. You’ve done all your revision now. Some of us are brilliant at this. Some of us are not. At this stage it really doesn’t matter as it is all in the past. Get over it if you’ve not done enough and employ this fab strategy (next…).
  5. Find something you can do on the paper. Anything. It might be on the back page – so what?! And do that tiny thing really really well. This is called ‘living in the now’ and is the best way to scrape as many marks from it as possible. Once it is done, spot another good bit and do that. Repeat indefinitely until the exam is almost over.
  6. At the final moment, almost as you are asked to put down your pen, madly fill in all the leftover boxes with speedy guesses.

To finish, you must absolutely, totally believe… that luck is on your side.