“I invigilated the Kent Test last year and your tests are incredibly similar.”

** updated 2022**



why book our mock exams?

(here’s what last year’s parents said about them)

This is beyond helpful - I’m so so glad I found out about you guys ! Thank you so much for all the detail and for putting so much effort into the corrections session

she enjoyed the mock experience as much as that is possible so we feel this is the right thing and only wish we had booked more earlier

Thanks so much. I’m amazed at her result and it’s really boosted her confidence to keep studying

We were really impressed with the mock exam format and how well you guided them through strategies. Such a great experience. We will be signing up for more!

Developing a personal exam strategy is at the heart of our mock experience

“Thank you for another incredibly organised and helpful mock. The confidence my son is gaining from these mocks is fantastic. We are very grateful to you.”

Each of our six Kent Test 11+ mocks (Mock A to F) were created by our favourite subject specialists. They were matched for style and level of difficulty with the real exams and then professionally designed to look and feel like the real thing.

The full mock experience leads directly to:

score uplift

specific content familiarity

Exam confidence

Technique and strategy uplift

Awareness of the clock

Gap Targeting


We run our mock exams in three physical venues:

The zoom mock was a great success. He said he thought it was much better than he thought it would be and that it actually wasn’t that bad at all. So as far as I’m concerned that’s a win!

There are SIX sets of different exam papers (called Mock A to Mock F).

A few days after each exam is a free corrections session where we talk strategy and score uplift.

If lockdown is still in place, the mocks will be on zoom.

The live teaching feels very personal this way and the exam experience is remarkably similar.

each mock is followed by a free corrections session

Last year most of our exams were taught live on zoom.

They were so successful that our bookings shot up 24%.

Comments below are from parents on REAL results day:

  • Our email just arrived and it’s a PASS!! A good one at that so I’m delighted 
  • Just got his score , he got a really high pass, phew!  
  • She smashed it!  I am super proud and beyond relieved! Thank you so much for the invaluable support!  
  • The mock tests along with the encouragement and hand holding have been second to none.


perfectly matched exam papers

Our exams are our own. Created by subject specialists and professionally designed to look and feel like the real thing.


live teaching

The mocks are taught live – either in the exam room or on zoom. Strategy tips and techniques are a key part of the experience.

exact timings

The Kent Test 11+ timings are unique. Our invigilators call time checks to match the formal guidelines set by the exam board.

detailed feedback

Feedback includes the adjusted aggregate score, the raw scores and individual notes and observations.

Access to revision resources

Each mock is supported by directly targeted revision content on a private web link. Specific advice and resources are offered.

free correction session

A free corrections lesson follows every mock. Video support is provided for those who can’t make the live session.

We also offer hugely popular exam techniques and writing paper sessions

“Thank you very much for the exam techniques session that my twins attended on Tuesday. They came home with an amazing strategy for each paper and their confidence is now sky-high”

Your advice with the writing in particular was invaluable as he thinks he did a good story and, frankly, if he didn’t, at least he didn’t panic and write nothing! The structure really helped him to feel confident that he had a plan and he thought he was able to apply it pretty well to the story starter he chose.

Here’s what you may be wondering about…

"i should probably delay the mock - she's not covered enough content yet"

 The early mocks papers (A, B and C) have been thinned of the later content (as we’ve not taught it yet). The layout, timings and style of question are a perfect match for the real Kent Test 11+ exam. What’s wonderful about the early mocks is that the children understand that the real exam is a long way off. They feel proud to be an early bird without feeling the pressure. And there is plenty of time left to solve any issues that might arise.

"He's too nervous to do a mock"

If your child is nervous then they need to do a mock. Have a chat with one of us about your concerns and we will address them directly. The last thing they need is to be saving up their fear for the actual paper. We are warm, lovely and keen to help. Just ask – we’ve been reassuring anxious children for years and have become pretty good at it!

"I don't want the mock to be on zoom"

Obviously live teaching is our preference too but there are some unexpected positives for parents when a mock is taught live on zoom:

1) You have access to the papers (set up on a dedicated private web-page with full answers provided and videos to explain any tricky content). Usually we keep them secret.

2) Zoom screen-sharing enables close attention to detail. We can pinpoint seemingly insignificant details and know that every child can see directly what we are referring to (footnotes, symbols etc).

3) It’s much more like the real experience than you would expect. Children question us personally on general and specific exam worries as they arise. It is still a group experience and all the interruptions and distractions feel authentic!

4) The exam room conditions are perfectly matched. We do the pre-checks, set up their paper strategies and time the exams according to the Kent Test 11+ invigilator handbook.

"I've no idea which mocks to book first"

My own three children sat every mock. The more mocks they do, the greater the breadth of their exam experience and the more manageable and everyday the real exam will seem.

We very much recommend booking Mock A. After that you can always book more but you will realise early on how valuable these sessions are. Parents tend to kick themselves when they start later.

The exam strategy session is a brilliant and fun addition – but if you are limiting bookings please prioritise the mocks themselves. The writing session teaches our specific writing strategy. If your child needs more support than that then book in to our weekly writing club. Email me for information.


You need to know what your child achieves and how it compares to the cohort. Here’s the information we share afterwards.

We are real people and we care about your child. If you need more info or support just ask us.

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There are six sets of exam papers (A to F).

A few days after each exam is a free corrections session where we talk strategy and score uplift.

Feedback includes raw and age-adjusted scores, details surrounding their performance, gap-filling resources and strategy advice.

Book a Kent Test Strategy session


We offer two specific strategy sessions

(Exam Strategy and The Writing Paper).


These are positive, score-uplifting, fun sessions. Students come out of them buzzing with confidence and specific techniques.

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Waiting list information

If you are unable to secure a place in any of our extra sessions please add your child’s name to our waiting list. If a place becomes available we will make contact on a first come first served basis.

This year we are only offering 25 places on each live mock to ensure social distancing.

We do our best to offer all our club members a place but some mocks are hugely over-subscribed.

Hayley Hobbs