griffin clubs zoom information

Welcome to our zoom programme. Your child’s club session will be running weekly at your usual time and with your child’s usual teacher.

This page contains all the information you need to set up each session:

where do i find the lesson content?

Your usual email address is recognised by our website. If you click this link it will take you directly to the private parents’ pages. Drop in your usual email address, reset the password and you will be in.

Once in, click on the weekly planning and club content for your child’s year group. This week’s lesson appears on the right hand side of the page.

Noting the date of the lesson is essential. Each time I upload a new lesson I put the dates it will run live in the title.

what sheets do i need to print up?

On the lesson page I have created a printable version of the weekly planning.  Print out the whole document in one go and your child will have everything they need (including the homework).

what if i don't have a printer?

If you set the zoom software up on your phone or a tablet, then your child can read the content straight from the computer screen, separately from the video meeting. If that isn’t possible, then simply open the sheets on your desktop and your child can read them there. The video window is small and can be slid to the side of the screen.

Will work be marked?

Year 4 work will be marked in detail and feedback given each week. Please upload whatever your child has completed in maths, spellings and English by taking a quick photo or scan of it on your phone and uploading it using the button at the bottom of the page. Please don’t let your child’s work drop off the radar – get into a routine of uploading it immediately after the lesson if possible.

Year 5 work will be marked in the lesson as a group. We are keen to see as much of it as possible though so do feel free to take a quick photo or scan of it on your phone and then upload it using the button at the bottom of this page. We may request work from your child if we have a gap in our records but please use this facility as often as you would like.

how do i set up zoom?

The lessons run live on zoom software. 

To set it up in advance, download the software from this link to zoom. It is free to download.

Getting started on your laptop/desktop:

  • Click on the blue zoom link button for your child’s year group (above this box).
  • Choose the lesson by venue and time. Click the link at the agreed time, and join.
  • Once you join you will need to look down to the bottom left of the screen where there is a camera icon. Click on this so that we can see your faces.


  • If you’ve not set up the software don’t worry. When you click the link there is a ‘click here’ option but that won’t work quite yet.
  • You will see an option to ‘join from your browser’. When you click on that it asks you for a password (this is a number in the original zoom email) and there is a box for you to fill in your child’s name.
  • Then – with everything crossed – you should be in.
  • Again, once you join you will need to look down to the bottom left of the screen where there is a camera icon. Click on this so that your child’s face can be seen by the teacher and the rest of their little club (if you would prefer your child to remain hidden from the club that’s fine).
zoom call tips and expectations

Please click the zoom link bang on time. Your child’s teacher will start the lesson on time, but not early, as they may have a lesson just before it.

Bottom left of your zoom screen is your ‘camera on/off’ icon and microphone ‘mute’ icon. Please check they are both on when you join us.

If your child is shy you may prefer to leave your camera off. They will be able to see their and any screen-shared sheets, and their teacher will be able to hear them.

Please ensure that your child is somewhere quiet (as possible) to work.

Please label your child (when prompted before joining) with their name and surname. It makes it easier for us to control access to the private link.

what else do i need to provide on the day?

Please provide your child with a pencil, a pen, a rubber and their club exercise books (and yellow file for Year 5s).

How do i return my child's work for marking?

Below is a colour-coded upload button for each year group.

Click the button and it takes you directly to a form. Fill in your child’s name and some small details and then..

Scan or photograph (with your phone) each single-page answer sheet and upload it.  Attach it, Upload it and the please click SUBMIT.

When it the process is complete a thank you message should appear.

WATCH THIS VIDEO IF YOU ARE UNSURE (the video is from our mocks so not directly about club marking).