Grr! My daughter’s new teacher doesn’t rate her UK maths

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Q: We have recently moved overseas and our daughter is finding it hard to settle in her new school. Maths used to be her strength, but the different methods they teach have confused her and now she’s in the bottom set and finds it difficult to concentrate.

There are two different approaches to the teaching of basic number calculations and it is very difficult once you have been taught one way to flip everything upside-down and learn another.
Encourage the school to give your daughter more time to settle before judging her capabilities.
When you speak with her teacher don’t allow yourself to be on the back-foot or to apologise and show anxiety. Explain confidently that all of us would find the adjustment difficult and exude confidence in her natural ability.

Use the time in the lower sets to clarify her understanding of the new methods, press the teacher to tell you exactly what she will need to move up to the next set, and fill those gaps at home.