How to spot a great class teacher

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How do you know if your child’s class teacher is a brilliant one? It’s easy if you follow our 6 point check-list…

  1. The teacher speaks warmly about your child and has made the effort to like him or her. Every child is likeable if you get to know them personally and of course they respond so much better if they know that they are liked (which they will if they are).
  2. The teacher is full of little hints, tips and strategies to help with academic or social issues that have shown up. All children have something they can tweak or improve upon, even those high-achievers at the top of the class. And the best teachers have noticed these specific gaps or problems, and are happy to share their experience.
  3. Your child’s classroom has been carefully organised. Everything has a clearly-labelled place to be put away and it is a calm, tidy space where children can easily access the resources they need independently.
  4. When you open any of your child’s books or folders, their work is arranged tidily and marking is up to date. If your child struggles to work neatly, the marking should be moving him or her in the right direction. Doodling, scribbling or cheeky comments (your child’s – not the teacher’s!) should not be visible and written work (ideally) should be marked according to recently-updated and personal targets.
  5. Classroom displays are carefully mounted with clear and neat labelling evident. Not all of us have a design gift, but we can all label and organise work appropriately.
  6. This can’t always be achieved and does imply an almost military level of organisation – but if the teacher’s desk is tidy too, you know you have a professional there you should treasure!