Introducing: The Writing Club

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I think I’m probably one of the few teachers in the world who absolutely loves marking children’s writing. It’s my thing and always has been. Part of it is that I like winning – and when you create a marking dialogue in a child’s book you see progression quickly and it’s rewarding not just to the child but to competitive-me too.

The challenge for the child when they write is that there is just so much to remember. Individual letter shaping, handwriting joins, spelling, punctuation, sentence-formation, detail, precise vocabulary… the list goes on. Is it any wonder that so many children fear the blank page and just don’t know how to begin?

In this area our schools are really good. So most children learn to write with confidence by the time they transfer to secondary school. But with the extended lockdown this year, many have fallen behind where they might have been in previous years. And we are all feeling anxious about it.

For a few months now I’ve been wondering how to remedy this. Experience has taught me that just one simple activity coupled with a fully engaged and experienced teacher’s response can rocket-boost a child’s writing confidence and skill set. The challenge is how to offer this in an affordable and meaningful way.

And of course some children love writing and are brilliant at it. Extending their work is great fun and hugely rewarding.

So let me introduce you to The Writing Club.

Here’s how it works – and I’ve taped a little intro video too:

  • Each week your child watches a 5 minute (inspirational) video which sets up a very short and tightly structured writing task. Some children will take 5 minutes to complete it, others will take 15 minutes, but no more.
  • You upload a scan or photo of your child’s work to me.
  • On Friday I will open up the work and tape them an individual, confidence-boosting video, celebrating the detail and giving targeted and manageable advice on how to raise their attainment going forward. They will have the full benefit of my years of expertise. Every week.
  • Formally, your child’s progress will be fed back to you via email three times a year.
  • When you upload the photo, there is space to ask any question you like about your child’s progress, the content, their attainment  – this question will be answered in the feedback video.
  • £29 per month (including VAT). No deposit or enrollment fee. No notice period if you change your mind.

CLICK HERE for more information and to enroll your child.