Kent Test 2021 Mock Exams

by | Mar 23, 2021 | Exams, Front page posts, Non-verbal reasoning, Parents, Verbal Reasoning, Writing | 0 comments

If you google Kent Test 11+ you will be swamped with both online and offline mocks, some in CEM style and others in GL style. The majority – if not all – of these mock exams are non-specific to the actual Kent Test exam. 

But the Kent Test 11+ is the most unusual exam. First set in 2014, the papers are surprisingly short (set in bursts of 20 or 25 minutes, with non-verbal and spatial reasoning broken into individual 4-5 minute sections). So doing a general ‘GL style’ mock where the maths and English exams take an hour each is hopeless for most children’s preparations. How do you practise a bold strategy that way? Or a specific technique?

Having studied the content for a number of years now, I’ve spotted familiar quirks and tricks they tend to include every time. And in working with so many students annually, I’ve learnt which strategies are simplest to take on board, and which can transform a result. 

Click this link to read all about our mock timetable. Last year over 3000 of our exams were taken by Kent students and the feedback was exceptional. Each exam booking includes a positive, friendly exam session, detailed feedback, supporting resources and strategy help and an hour-long corrections session on zoom (48 hours afterwards).

We really care about your child’s confidence and attainment. Let us step in to help.