extra sessions – MOCK EXAMS and exam techniques

From February onwards we offer optional extra sessions for Year 5 11+ mock exams and exam techniques and also for Sevenoaks School applicants.

Open to all students – not just our club members – they are a fabulous way to give your child the best possible chance of success in the real thing.

Sessions are run at Kings Hill, Goudhurst and Hadlow. Please see the venues page for further information.

Booking for the 2019 Extra Sessions is is now open.

GL Kent test 11+ mocks

We’ve gone the extra mile to create mock papers that not only match the content, layout and timings of the Kent Test, but are designed to look and feel like the real thing.  Detailed feedback gives a full picture of tactical strengths and weaknesses. 

GL Kent test 11+ writing preparation

How to score highly on the Writing Test with a strategic approach. Teaching is followed by a GL-style Writing Test and fully comprehensive feedback.

GL Kent test 11+ exam techniques

In this content-rich session, we teach both general exam techniques and those specific to the GL Kent Test. It is a high-energy, confidence-boosting blast of a morning, and they all come out bursting with tips and tricks.

Sevenoaks School Year 7 Assessment Day Mock  

Including an English, a Maths and a Verbal Reasoning exam (matching the content, styling and timings of the real thing) and a carefully-constructed group interview.

Our Sevenoaks School Tutor Club, runs in the Autumn Term of Year 6, please click here to register your interest.


Mock Edition A – Mon 18th February Kings Hill downstairs 9am-12pm
Writing Paper – Mon 8th April Kings Hill downstairs 9am-12pm
Mock Edition A – Thu 11th April Goudhurst 9am-12pm
Mock Edition B – Mon 15th April Kings Hill downstairs 9am-12pm
Exam Techniques – Tue 28th May Kings Hill upstairs 9am-12pm
Mock Edition C – Wed 29th May Kings Hill downstairs 9am-12pm
Mock Edition C – Thu 30th May Goudhurst 9am-12pm
Exam Techniques – Thu 25th July Kings Hill upstairs 9am-12pm
Mock Edition D – Fri 26th July Kings Hill downstairs 9am-12pm
Mock Edition D – Mon 12th August Goudhurst 9am-12pm
Mock Edition E – Fri 16th August Kings Hill downstairs 9am-12pm
Writing Paper – Thu 22nd August Hadlow 9am-12pm
Mock Edition F – Fri 23rd August Kings Hill downstairs 9am-12pm
Sevenoaks Mock – Thu 19th December Hadlow 9am-12pm

FAQs for Extra Sessions

Where are they held?
Our main extra sessions are held at Kings Hill Community Centre. They have a wonderful hall upstairs (through the left hand set of double doors) which has space, light, a kitchen for drinks and biscuits and its own private loos. Downstairs there is a larger hall that also has its own facilities. The carpark is large and there is a Costa a short walk away. Please check your booking confirmation to see whether your child’s exam session is upstairs or downstairs. In addition to our main mocks we repeat three of them in Goudhurst Village Hall. The Sevenoaks session is in Hadlow. Click here for our venues page with address details and links to google maps.
What is the format of each mock exam?
The children are given an English and Maths paper first and then after a break, they complete a Reasoning paper. The timings and level of content match the real exam as closely as possible. These are our own papers, created specially for our own mocks,  and not past papers from the KCC. It is against their rules for any child to see a past paper and it is wise for us to respect this.
I'm confused - why are there two Edition A sessions?
There are six separate Editions of the mocks (Editions A to F) with no overlapping content. For choice and flexibility, some Editions are scheduled for a second session at another venue. Avoid booking the same Edition more than once as the papers will be identical.
Why are Mock A and B different from the later ones?
The springtime sessions (Mock Editions A and B) appear identical to the real thing but we have thinned the maths and NVR content. This is because the children haven’t covered the full curriculum so early in the year. The timings match the real exam, the papers look and feel the same, and all content is pitched at the correct level.  Later mock sessions cover the full curriculum. 
How detailed is the feedback given?
A full breakdown of your child’s scores is sent to you via email within 72 hours of the session. This feedback is individually tailored and includes detailed advice on specific gaps and how to tackle them.
Why are exam sessions needed in addition to club work?
  • Club sessions are packed with teaching and exam extracts but there is no time to do formal, timed exam practice. The mock exams mimic the timings and content of the real thing.
  • The clubs are tiny whereas the real exam is taken at school in a larger group. Our exam sessions match this (but have a genuine warmth about them).
  • Knowledge is power. It is only in the exam room that children learn how they are likely to perform on the day.
  • And if they come along to an early one they have most of the year to fix anything that might arise.
How scary are they?
Not scary at all. Those who arrive with wobbly knees always leave with a smile. Mocks are far less stressful than they sound and are the perfect way to address exam-room anxiety before the day itself. There are breaks between papers where the children relax together and we smile, share exam techniques and reassure throughout.
Do you repeat content?
Each mock edition is different, with no content repeated. Three of the mocks are run again – in a smaller group in Goudhurst – so don’t book the same edition twice or the content will be identical.
How many sessions should I book?
We recommend booking as many sessions as possible. As a minimum, go for one early one and then one or two later ones. Bear in mind that they are diagnostic tests so the earlier you discover a weakness, the more time we have to address it. Our own children came along to all of the sessions when it was their year. They provide invaluable data on curriculum weaknesses and highlight strategic errors that are easy for us to fix.
When does booking open?
We open our online bookings in the third week of January. Drop your email into the form above and we will send you a message on the day.