my favourite writing tools

Everyone’s handwriting is improved dramatically with a smooth rollerball pen. No effort is required!

Please avoid pencil, biro or any scratchy- nibbed pen that has seen better days. For paper, avoid a narrow notepad, particularly one with a spiral metal binder

WhY will these writing tools boost my child’s performance?

An A4 exercise book, with a margin, encourages your child to value their work. Writing in the book is a very different experience from struggling with a narrow, ring-bound notepad. With a proper book they have the space to write in comfort and they can flick back through the pages to follow their own progression (from their initial upload to the present day).

A scratchy biro or slightly-blunt pencil devalues your child’s considered and careful approach to their writing task. Switch one of these to a smooth rollerball pen and there will be an instant presentation uplift.