New to the 11+? Here’s what you should know before you start

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Exams, Front page posts, Organisation, Parents, Teach

For those of you about to begin your 11+ Kent Test ‘journey’ – there’s something important you need to know.

Before you book a tutor or buy a single revision book, you will have to decide if you are fully committed to the 11+ process yourself.

You see there is no half-in/half-out option. It’s one of those go-big-or-go-home moments in life.

Begin by sitting down with your partner – or contacting your ex – and getting them on board too.

However able your child might be, and even if they are smashing it at school in every subject, you will need to prepare them fully for the challenge of the exam ahead.

The scope of the work involved is manageable with a little-and-often programme of work in place (we sort this out on your behalf). And you may be surprised to discover that the exam content is not covered at all in the primary classroom.

Head teachers are instructed by the KCC that formal exam preparation is against the rules of the exam.

Never ever underestimate your enemy

It isn’t only the questions that are challenging on the day. Our Kent Test has unusually short papers to be completed under intense time-pressure. Children familiar with the timings and trained in specific exam techniques will do better than those who are not.

If you swim your way through it all without the help of an expert, your child will underperform.

And thinking you can buy a few books nearer the time and that will be enough is a gamble. The exam papers you can buy are from various private companies and other exam boards which don’t match our own. Even the practice papers available from our own board are dated and of the wrong length.

Once you’ve decided to fully commit, this is all it really means:

  1. Book a one year (year 5) weekly club with us. We really do know what we are doing
  2. Turn up each week and allow time for your child to complete their 20 minute homework.
  3. Follow our carefully-considered revision programme. Targeted content is broken into bite-sized, manageable pieces. 

Our aim is to hand-hold parents through the whole preparation programme, teaching children specific content in small pieces at the right time.

Family work/life balance is at the heart of everything we do and your own commitment to the process will take the pressure off your child. Why not get in touch today…