An instant download PDF with 20 spelling exercises

My Basket

I have commissioned 20 spelling exercises. The first 10 are exam-matched exercises of exactly the right length and content. But the real treat here is the second set. We have trawled through every single spelling paper we can get our hands on, and have spotted themes (so you don’t have to). Each of the second set within this booklet, match those specific themes. Every year in our mock exam programme we invigilate over 500 exam papers. And the spelling score is a noticeable weakness across the board. So the lack of resources needed to be addressed. Finally – a set of spelling exercises all in one place. What do you get…

  • an instant download PDF with 20 spelling exercises
  • targeted revision of the key content
  • you can print each exercise more than once
  • an experience as near as possible to the spelling element of the Kent Test
  • the exercises and key themes are based on my experience of invigilating 2,000+ Kent Test mocks
  • they are also based on my experience of tutoring 500+ pupils through the new Kent Test,  since its introduction in 2014
  • the confidence of knowing you are preparing your child for this specific (particularly challenging) element of the test based on real-life examples and targeted experiences