Exam Techniques – Mon 24th July Kings Hill 9am-12pm


Exam Techniques – Mon 24th July Kings Hill 9am-12pm

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"In this content-rich session, students are taught both general exam techniques and those specific to the GL Kent Test.

It is a high-energy, confidence-boosting blast of a session.

Tips and tricks are taught through demonstration and score comparison, so students learn through action and results, rather than simply being told.

Content is framed in a resource booklet that each student is given on the day.

Ask your child to talk you through the booklet after the session - a great way to demonstrate the content value to you, but also to consolidate and secure their new skills.

All aspects of the course are covered here. English, Maths and Reasoning tips are plentiful, and we also tackle the dreaded nerves and how to manage them on the day.

Occasionally we feedback to an individual parent if an issue arises that we can help with going forward."