Mock Edition B – Wed 31st May Sevenoaks 1.30pm-4.30pm


Mock Edition B – Wed 31st May Sevenoaks 1.30pm-4.30pm

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**New paper 2023 - created to take account of subtle shifts in the real Kent Test papers**

This is Mock Edition B - there are no overlapping questions with other editions of the mock.

The session consists of two papers - [English and Maths] and [Reasoning]**

As this is designed to be taken early in the academic year there are 2 key differences between this particular mock and the real exam in September.

1) The maths content has been pared back to omit content we teach later in the year
2) Spatial Reasoning does not feature, as we teach this in the Summer Term

A detailed breakdown of your child's raw scores will be returned to you via email within 72 hours, alongside a final age-adjusted score and targeted support.

A Writing Test is not included as this does not form part of your child's aggregate score and is only marked in an appeal situation.
For a content-rich booster to help your child to produce a high-scoring piece of writing we offer a separate extra session for the Writing Paper.