September 2020 Free Saturday Sessions

As the Kent Test has been shifted back a month this year, to the new date of 15 October (and 17 October for out-of-area students) we are offering a set of 4 extra hour-long teaching sessions. These are free and available to our Year 5 2019-2020 students sitting their exam this year.

All our new students will have started their clubs by this time, so we have had to find hall space elsewhere and will be teaching these sessions myself. We have manage to book the big hall at Kings Hill for two Saturdays and Pembury Village Hall for two Saturdays.

Click here for venue information.

Booking is arranged on a first-come-first-served basis. Just click the links below to sign up. Please only book one session per week.

These sessions will be taught live in the halls but we are offering an alternative zoom session each week.

Join the waiting list for booked-out sessions