Terms and conditions

Please read these terms and conditions – you accept these at point of booking tutor club places or extra sessions with Griffin Teaching.

the parent consent form

No child can attend a booked extra session or tutor club unless their parent/guardian has fully completed our Consent Form. Without this completed document on our records your child will be turned away from the session without a refund. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform us of any changes or updates to the consent given.

health and safety

Our Consent Form (required for all children attending any session with Griffin Teaching) gives the parent/guardian the opportunity to inform us of requirements regarding medical needs, allergies, and permission to offer snacks.

We do offer snacks (biscuits) and drinks at the sessions and although we keep a careful note of allergies we would appreciate it if you would additionally inform your child’s teacher on the day. This is particularly important if a lesson is being delivered by one of our cover-teachers. 

It is the parent’s responsibility to update us if there is a change to the child’s health or anything we need to be aware of.

We strongly advise parents to provide their own drinks and snacks if their child has an allergy or food intolerance. We do our best to keep all our snacks nut-free but cannot guarantee this is the case.

We reserve the right to ask for a chaperone for the child if there is a health or safety issue that we are not trained to deal with (administering medication/monitoring a child with diabetes etc).

securing a place

If you book a place via the online booking system it is not secured until payment is received. In these circumstances we will give you a polite nudge beforehand and, if payment is not received, we will delete the booking and potentially re-sell the place:

  1. If payment has not been received one week before the session.
  2. If the session is filling up and there is a demand for places.
specific arrangement requests (extra sessions)

If you give 14 days’ notice we will do our best to provide a member of staff to support a child with a specific learning difficulty in an extra session, although we cannot always guarantee this. In the past, we have provided individual pupils with a reader, a prompter and/or extra time on specific papers, to reflect arrangements made with KCC approval for the Kent Test.

If we cancel a scheduled session

If we need to cancel a club or extra session, we will inform you as early as possible. An alternative session will be offered either via zoom or in person.

If the session has been postponed due to severe weather – or any other reason beyond our control, we will reschedule (or offer to add your child to another session for that week) and will not automatically offer a refund.

missed sessions – tutor clubs 

Missed sessions are not refundable. However, if there is a space in a later session we may offer a transfer if possible.

We will always be happy to provide you with the missed teaching content to be caught up at home (and will give support via email or a phone call on request).

Club cancellation

If your child is a club member and you decide to cancel their membership we will not charge for any sessions after the date of cancellation. You will still be charged for the club sessions up to the point you inform us in writing (via email is fine but please check for a reply so that you can be sure we have received it).

refunds for Specific preparation classes and extra sessions bookings

Refunds will only be given in extreme circumstances and if we are informed at least 14 days before the booking was due to take place. Please do not expect a refund. We will, however, offer an alternative, equivalent session (via zoom or in person) if your child is unable to make it to the extra session you have booked.