The Best Resources for the Kent Test (and the ISEB pre-test at this stage…)

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It’s just the beginning of your child’s Kent Test (or ISEB Common Pre-Test) journey and every workbook on amazon looks brilliant. Flick through them all one by one – Maths, English, Verbal, Non-Verbal, Spatial, General Tips, GL workbooks, CEM workbooks, Exam Practice Papers, Vocabulary Books, Flashcards. Argh! It’s all unbearable and kicks off a terrible case of FOMO in you.

Well step away from the amazon shopping trolley. At least until you’ve looked at this safe, manageable, non-scary list of resources we recommend for your child right now. And we really do have quite a considerable load of expertise in our favour.

Griffin Teaching recommended resources for the Kent Test 2019 and the ISEB Common Pre-test

There are no online resources recommended in the list for the pre-test. This is because it is the teaching input and content coverage that your child needs, they can all manage the online set-up in their sleep. Some practice of that sort is a good idea later on, but not for now.

We have said to our club members that buying all of these will leave you feeling broke and guilty. Because you won’t have time to use them all. So just pick out the odd one or two that you know your own child will benefit from. And keep the list stored away on file in case something comes up in the future.

You’re welcome!