Coming in Autumn 2023

For your child to thrive at school, a home reading programme is essential.

But most of us find this a tricky challenge to set up and keep on track.

Which books are the right books? How is it possible to keep a reluctant child reading every night? What sort of support should I be giving – if any at all? Do I read a page and then make my child read the next? Can they give up on a book if they hate it?

This is where our wonderful reading club comes in. Every week we share an exciting extract from a recommended text. Each piece is chosen as a cliff-hanger and the in-depth discussions we have about the plot, setting, characters and authorial techniques encourage our students to pick up the book and continue reading afterwards.


But even if they don’t – their reading fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills will soar (just from the one half-hour session per week).

Set them up with a hot drink, in a comfy chair, and let them be entertained for half an hour.  It’s a good feeling to hand over a task you were feeling anxious about to an expert. We’ve been extending children’s reading for years.


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