Would your child’s writing benefit from some individual, expert attention?

Any of this sound familiar?

(raise your hand if it does)

You’re worried about the impact of lockdown on your child’s writing.

Your child fears the blank page and struggles to get started.

Your child writes as they speak to their friends. All slang and no precision.

Your child's handwriting needs attention and their sentences are confused.

Wave goodbye to all of that

Give us just 15 minutes per week of your child’s time. And we will transform their writing.

The Writing Clubs is for 7 to 12+ year olds and you will see a huge uplift in confidence and technique from the very beginning.

A 5-minute introduction. One short, carefully designed task. Individual and considered teacher attention.

Academic uplift

Confidence boost

Handwriting formation


Spelling consistency


A behind-the-scenes look at our Writing Clubs…


We teach good habits, writing confidence, skills and techniques to 7 and 8 year olds.


We build, lift and extend the writing skills and techniques of 9, 10 and 11 year olds.


We challenge confident writers to create high-scoring pieces for different purposes.



Your child is welcome to drop in to any one of them, you don’t need to confirm which one.


4.00-4.15pm Tuesdays

4.30-4.45pm Wednesdays

5.00-5.15pm Wednesdays


4.30-4.50pm Mondays

4.30-4.50pm Tuesdays


7.30-7.50am Tuesdays

5.00-5.20pm Tuesdays


If your child is unable to make it to a live session each week, it really doesn’t matter.

Just log in and your child can complete the video lesson at a time that suits you both.

Feedback is personal and the marking relationship is key to progression.


There is no notice period, contract or obligation.

You can stop your payment immediately.

You shared your writing worries…

When we asked parents to share their feelings about their children’s writing. Here’s what they told us:

  • Since lockdown, as much as some try at home, I do feel that his writing skills have dwindled.
  • He has poor grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, vocabulary and spelling.
  • He hates writing and doesn’t know how to get started.
  • I suppose I would like her to learn how to produce a piece of writing that can tick all the boxes.
  • My concern is his handwriting. He simply won’t accept that it is really messy – it is almost like it is too late.
  • My son’s imagination and use of vocabulary is very good, but his grammar and spelling let him down.
  • The biggest issue with writing we have found is getting her to do what’s been asked for and not procrastinate about the task.
  • I would say she needs help being more descriptive and imaginative in her writing.
  • His writing style is very chatty and filled with slang; he writes as if he were telling a story to his mates and unfortunately grammar and correct English takes a back seat.  For example, he will finish a sentence with phrases like ‘and all’ and ‘the lot’.


a tightly-constructed task

A short, engaging lesson introduction. Video delivery (can be played back in their own time) to a tightly-constructed task.


live teaching

Live teaching of the weekly lesson on zoom.  Children ask questions, clarify their understanding and share their ideas.

hand-holding resources

This process is called ‘scaffolding’. Precise vocabulary and structure is provided to banish fear of the blank page.

Personal, individual feedback

Every single week your child will receive a personal video where their own work is sensitively and positively marked.

Access to our library

All our writing resources and videos of previous how-to lessons are available to use at the click of a mouse.


Just ask me a question when you upload your child’s work, and I will answer it personally in the video feedback.

And how do parents rate the personal video marking and feedback?

“By the way, we LOVE your video feedbacks…SO useful.”


We wanted to thank you Hayley for all the support and guidance you gave to help our son with his English. Your calm approach was encouraging and reassuring. He has been really enjoying it since his return to school and has won several of his class writing competitions. This is such a huge change so thank you!


Thank you very much for this. Love the video approach and Joseph was really chuffed with it. I know that he is more interested in a video message than a written comment (kids and technology!!)

The improvement in his handwriting in only 2 months has been incredible and he is feeling much more confident about it so thank you for everything!


Lovely feedback, thank you Hayley.  This has been a real boost to her.

Thank you for doing this. She’s really excited about receiving the next one!



There is no notice period, contract or obligation.

You can stop your payment immediately.

Why do I have such a record of dramatically improving children’s writing?

Well it’s all down to my passion for the job and my particular background


20 years + teaching experience. I've developed strategies To fix every single writing issue I've come across.


My four-year degree in education from Cambridge University (with Hons).


The seasons I spent marking Year 6 English SATs papers for the Edexel Exam Board.


I’ve gone out of my way to learn from inspirational speakers (Poet Laureate Simon Armitage being the most recent).


The 10 years I’ve spent running Griffin Teaching. In addition to being responsible for 500+ children’s Kent Test 11+ passes, my students have gained places at super-selectives and top public and private schools across London and the South East.


I’m naturally positive and always see the best in children and their work.


How does it work?

• A new 5 minute lesson is published every week (5 minute video presentation with supporting resources linked below).

• This same task will be taught live TWICE on zoom in the week and your child can attend either or both of these sessions.

• In the live session, or independently, your child completes a short writing task. This takes 15 minutes in the Mini Club and 20 minutes in the Standard and the Higher-Level Clubs.

• Snap a scan or photo of their work with your phone and attach it to the upload button on the lesson page. If you have a private question you would like me to answer in person, there is a space for this on the form.

• Friday is feedback day. I will open any work you have sent to me and tape your child a personal video, answering any questions there too. There is no obligation to keep up with every task. Any work uploaded will be given my full consideration.

when are the live sessions?


Each club has a minimum of two live-taught zooms per week. They are lively and engaging sessions:

Minis: 4.00-4.15pm Tuesdays, 4.30-4.45pm Wednesdays and 5.00-5.15pm Wednesdays

Standard: 4.30-4.50pm Mondays and Tuesdays

Highers: 7.30-7.50am and 5.00-5.20pm Tuesdays

These are open sessions where the weekly content is taught. Your child is welcome to drop in to any one of them, you don’t need to confirm which one.

If your child is unable to make it to a live session each week there is an alternative way to access the teaching and resources.

Weekly content is set up as a 5 minute video introduction with supporting resources in the My Account area of this website. Just log in and your child can complete the lesson at a time that suits you both. Feedback is personal and the marking relationship is key to progression.


what do i need to provide?

 • A good rollerball pen in black or blue.

• Lined paper – ideally in an exercise book. If you prefer- I have attached handwriting paper as a download in the lesson pages.

 • Access to a laptop or PC to watch the video/attend the live lesson.

What makes the writing clubs so special?

Easy. It’s the mix of these three strengths:

• We care so much about our pupils (and their worried parents).

• Progression is at the heart of all our teaching. It’s exciting to enable children and to watch their confidence soar.

• Years of experience and attention to the detail of children’s writing is behind every single task and word of encouragement.

Which writing club should my child join?

The age groups listed below are a guideline. Children work at such different levels. The sample videos above may help you choose. Otherwise, please contact me directly to discuss.

THE MINI WRITING CLUB is for younger writers (age 7-8).

THE WRITING CLUB is for the upper primary years (age 9-11

THE HIGHER-LEVEL WRITING CLUB extends more confident writers (age 12-16).

All three clubs follow a manageable weekly model (15 – 20 minutes total) where the focus is on technical detail. Feedback is personal and directly addressed to your child. One task is set weekly, but if you can’t make it that week, the content and personal marking is all set up and can be picked up again at any time.

Any child is welcome to join at the higher level if interested in more challenging content and a slightly longer task. The club is most suitable for children approaching an exam where they will be asked to produce a high-scoring writing sample, or those who simply wish to achieve an ‘exceeding’ assessment in school.

What do we achieve?

It’s the presentation that you will notice first. Their letter formation and choice of vocabulary improves. Sentences are well-formed and there is a new formality about their work.

Every single week your child will take a step forward. Sometimes a small step and sometimes a giant leap…

Why choose us over a 1-2-1 tutor?

• Your child will have direct access to expert teaching and one-to-one advice, for a fraction of the price of a personal tutor.

• This is authentic writing teaching. It is not typed work we are assessing, but real tasks completed with pen and paper.

• We really care about our pupils and create detailed weekly video feedback, in addition to a termly record of progression via email.

• We are a small band of experienced teachers who have worked together for years and trust each other’s judgement. Few can match our knowledge of the subject or attention to detail.

• Underneath we are anxious parents just like you, who have given our own children booster lessons and watched them fly…

Why don’t we assess children first?

There’s little point testing children on what they have or haven’t learnt already from somebody else. Each child works at their own level and feedback is specific to their needs. They can jump in at any time and their work will improve immediately.

What does it cost?

The Mini and Writing Club cost £29 per month (including VAT).

The Higher-Level Writing Club for more confident writers costs £39 per month (including VAT).


take the next step


Age 7-8

£29 per month

This club will establish good habits, writing confidence, skills and techniques.

Lively task
Detailed, personal marking and feedback
Personal response to any questions


Age 9-11

£29 per month

This club will build, lift and extend your child’s writing skills and techniques.

Concise weekly task
Detailed, personal marking and feedback
Personal response to any questions


Age 12-16

£39 per month

This club challenges confident writers to create high-scoring content.

Extended weekly task
Detailed, personal marking and feedback
Personal response to any questions

no notice period or deposit

Of course, I want you to love this club and to enthuse about your child’s fantastic writing progression.

If you don’t feel that the club is working for you, please contact me and I will go the extra mile to address any concerns you might have directly, and improve your child’s experience.

But no problem if it isn’t for you. You can stop your payment immediately. There is no notice period, contract or obligation (and we take our data protection responsibilities very seriously too).

Hayley Hobbs