Sleep easy at night when your child is in one of our fantastic tutor clubs. How good would it feel to have your hand held throughout year 4 and year 5 of your child’s schooling? To have an expert on-side who knows your child well and has practical advice and quick fixes for any academic or pastoral hurdle that might present itself along the way? FAQs on all clubs are here to answer your burning questions.


Maths and English taught with passion and humour to help your children love learning. Your child will love creative writing and enjoy asking and answering challenging questions.

Year 5 Kent test 11+ Clubs

A one-year course covering the complete 11+ curriculum. Not just for the Kent Test – we are more than happy to adjust content to cover other 11+ curriculums.

Tuition for an individual school

A tailored programme to prepare for an individual school’s examination and interview.

Sessions are usually 90 minutes long. In addition to curriculum teaching and exam practice, we offer exam techniques specific to the school itself and inside knowledge of their admissions procedure.

Tuition for the Common Pre-Test

The Common Pre-Test is an online multiple choice admissions examination used by many schools.

Our tutor clubs for the Common Pre-Test cover the full curriculum in well-paced hour long sessions.

FAQs for all our clubs

How long is each club session?
One hour exactly.
How many children are in each club?
There are six children in each club. This rises to seven or eight every now and then as we allow our club members to swap the odd session if they have a party to go to or a family/school commitment. This works for everyone and is monitored carefully so that clubs do not have a regular visitor or become over-booked.
What if my child needs to miss a week?
Once registered as a club parent you will be able to download the lesson content, with tips and explanations to support you at home.
Is there any homework?
There is none in Year 4, but in Year 5, yes. Every week. 20 minutes which usually comprises of a couple of short reasoning activities and some maths finishing off. The maths is sometimes swapped for an English activity.
Do the clubs run throughout the year?

Yes. We only break for 2 weeks at Christmas, 3 weeks in August and 1 week at Easter (weekday clubs don’t break for Easter and have a further week’s break in the summer). The content of the curriculum is completed by the end of July and all clubs then have further sessions before the Kent Test in early September. ISEB Common Pre-test pupils continue until November and pupils preparing for an individual school exam follow their own individual timetable.

How much does it cost and is there a notice period?

£112.50 (including VAT) per month for the year. There is no notice period.

Does my child need to bring anything along to the lesson?
No. We provide all materials.
What happens if the teacher is absent?
We’re able to quickly fix cover, and as the planning is streamlined it is a comfortable arrangement for any of us on the team. It is fun for the children to mix it up a little sometimes and we encourage our teachers to go to their important family events as we value them and don’t want to lose them. Our usual cover teacher is Alison but otherwise it will be one of the rest of us. You can check all our teachers out on the ABOUT page.