What sends a shiver down your child’s tutor’s spine?

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Exam preparation isn’t only stressful for your child. At this time of year, your child’s tutor may well be anxiety-riddled too. Here are the top 5 reasons for teacher/tutor night sweats:

1) You don’t turn up every time.

It could be a skiing holiday, a children’s party or a late school trip that keeps your child off when they would usually be with their tutor. This is ok occasionally, but if it’s been more than once since Christmas, your tutor will be twitchy. There is a tightly-planned programme of work to get through.

2) Homework is regularly missing or disrespected (you know what that means!)…

3) Your child has a tatty folder or a messy exercise book.

Tutors love organised files, dividers, sections, sub-headings and glued-in worksheets. Torn punch-holes and pages clipped in back to front are a worry.

4) There is a lack of bedtime routine, no regular reading programme, and you’ve lost the addresses of all those brilliant online number revision games.

5) You as the parent just don’t get it.

Exam revision is best when it is done gently and in an organised fashion, over a time period. If your child is turning up, doing their homework (ideally with you looking over their shoulder occasionally), asking for missing sheets and appearing on the ball then all is well. If not, please can you get with the programme. Now. While it is still just about February!