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The purpose of the clubs is simple – to extend individual writing attainment, strengthen vocab and key skills, and build writing confidence. And the improvement has been staggering.

“I’m quite amazed that you can have such an impact on his handwriting in just four lessons! Your positive, fun and enthusiastic approach to teaching is so inspiring to children and instantly motivates them to work and improve, for that we are really grateful.” Parent, 2021

A short activity is taught each week – there is a live five-minute (bold and colourful) video presentation followed by a monitored task that takes around 10 minutes. Most children choose to be taught live in one of these 15-minute sessions, which we hold a couple of times a week, although the task can also be completed in the child’s own time as a video is set up each week for them too. After the sessions the children (or their parents) upload their work to us via a simple link. On Feedback Fridays each week I mark all the work thoroughly and positively, feeding back with a personal 2-3 minute video where I consider the detail of the child’s own piece of work and set simple targets for next time.

What you’re doing really is wonderful. I think what the children love about the videos is that you always come across so welcoming and you genuinely are interested in what they have to write.  I know my children, sometimes get nervous about writing because they think, they might not be good enough but what you have done already, is confirmed to each one that they are in a safe place, that they are good enough and that you are helping them to reach the next level.  So, thank you very much Hayley, they all love the writing club and are very much looking forward to next week.” Parent, 2021

So, here’s what we’ve been doing:

The Writing Club (aimed at 7-11 year olds), £29 per month

This week they wrote a “chase” paragraph. Some chose a car chase, others a lion and a zebra or fighter jets. We focused on action verbs and controlling their sentences to manage the pace. Previously they have described the detail of stepping into the body of a viper and becoming that venomous snake. They have created a news report on Red Riding Hood. Every one of them can now weave description and plot development into their dialogue -since they created a conversation piece about a fantastic Victorian gothic painting featuring a girl in black on a telegraph wire being approached by rooks.

The Higher-Level Writing Club (aimed at 10-14 year olds), £39 per month

Their task this week was to create an active transformation of a grown man into a dung beetle, inspired by Kafka’s Metamorphosis. In previous weeks they have created the opening of a play, beginning with a study of an exciting 1760 painting of smugglers wrecking a clipper ship. They have studied the techniques journalists use to create tension in their news reports (by way of a cliff-top incident) and been inspired by DH Lawrence’s ‘A snake came to my water trough…’ Your child is most welcome to join us each week. You are in control of the membership – there’s no commitment or obligation. What you will find at our end is expertise, endless enthusiasm and a proven ability to improve your child’s core writing skills.

If you would like your child to join us, please click this link.