Year 4 maths and english booster clubs

Sleep easy at night when your Year 4 child is in one of our fantastic Maths and English Booster Clubs.

We offer so much more than a content-rich weekly teaching session.

This very much isn’t school

Children enthuse about our classes. Friendships are built quickly. They have a giggle together.

How does it all work?

Each hour-long session is broken in half. The children get used to the routine very quickly and this creates real momentum. And individual needs are addressed as part of the programme.

Here is the usual content breakdown:

• 10 minutes tables test and marking

• 20 minutes maths teaching

• 10 minutes spelling teaching

• 20 minutes English teaching

English is taught with passion and humour. After a year with us, your child will love creative writing, enjoy asking challenging questions about their reading and will even have mastered poetry appreciation…

What about homework?

There is no homework, although we do recommend that children practise their tables regularly and learn their spellings each week.

And mixed abilities?

Our children are of mixed ability. All are fully engaged and working at an appropriate level.

How do we join?

Just complete the form to start the ball rolling.

For pupils wishing to join a club right now, we will get back to you as soon as possible with current availability and next steps.

We know that parents like to get ahead on this, so you can secure a place for next or future years. There is no sign-up fee, and we will add your contact to our waiting list and notify you as soon as places are available for booking. Priority is given to those who joined the list earliest when we begin allocating places.